Thermoplastic: Monomer to Automotive Parts

TMAP project investigates a 3D Carbon fibre reinforced thermoplastic

Metal matrix composite for roller bearing

Composite materials for aerospace components


Professor Angelo Maligno

Prof. Angelo Maligno

Research Chair in Composite Materials

Dr Luigi Sanguigno

Luigi Sanguigno

Research Fellow

Dr Marcello Lepore

Marcello Lepore

Research Fellow

Dr Luca Ferrante

Luca Ferrante

Research Fellow

Institute for Innovation in Sustainable Engineering (IISE)

Institute for Innovation in Sustainable Engineering

Research in automotive, railway and aerospace engineering

The Institute is a place where you can access knowledge, funding, expertise and technology to help you to research, develop products and processes, and drive innovation in your business.

Institute for Innovation in Sustainable Engineering

Working with leading industrial partners as well as SMEs

We recognise that companies who want to innovate, and those who can do so with sustainability in mind, are more likely to grow. We want to work with companies who have this ambition. Working with industrial partners and supported by Rolls Royce, Toyota and Bombardier, we achieve cutting-edge solutions to challenges SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) are facing.

City of Derby

City of Derby

Derby and the industrial revolution

With its origins traced back to the Roman times, Derbyhas been the home of world's first fully mechanised factory. John Lombe's silk-throwing mill was built on an island in the River Derwen and was completed in 1772.

Derby ram song sheet

Derby ram

Ram is the symbol and mascot of the city of Derby. Why? Because of an old folk song called "The Derby Ram".